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We're ready to optimise your operational performance, save you money and reduce your plastic waste

Next-generation pallet wrapping

Intelligent pallet wrap that allows you to use less film, save money and reduce your plastic consumption and carbon footprint

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Pallet Wrap

Optimise your operational performance, save money and reduce plastic waste with iWrap. Explore our next-generation machine and hand wrapping solutions.

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  • Reduce your plastic waste by 40%

    Reduce your plastic waste by 40%

  • Optimise pallet stability and performance

    Optimise pallet stability and performance

  • Understand the true cost of wrapping your pallets

    Understand the true cost of wrapping
    your pallets

  • Safely improve operational performance and efficiencies

    Safely improve operational performance
    and efficiencies

  • Reduce your environmental impact

    Reduce your environmental impact

Wrap to best practice. Cut plastic waste.

Did you know?

On average you should only be using around 98 grams of film to wrap a standard pallet. We can help you optimise your resources by wrapping to best practice.

High performance pallet wrap

Whatever you need to ship, our range of high-performance stretch film pallet wrap has it covered.

Which solution do you need?

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Our experts can recommend the right pallet wrap for you, or even arrange an onsite demo.

Latest-technology pallet wrap machines

Combine iWrap’s high-performance pallet wrap with our range of pallet wrap machines for outstanding results and up to 300% stretch yields.

  • Brake, Core and Power stretch machines available
  • Free no-obligation audit of your current processes
  • Flexible purchase, lease or loan options to suit you

Supporting sustainability

How much plastic are you wasting?

If you’re wrapping at least 40 pallets a day, or your machine is over five years old, a new machine will save you time and money – and reduce your plastic waste.

We helped our customers save over 224,287 kgs of plastic waste in 2022.

The latest technology. The least risk.

An old pallet wrapping machine could mean you’re using 50% more film than you need.

See how our Managed Services Programme can help you save plastic with a new machine for less than you think.

Go carbon neutral

We have partnered with Carbon Neutral Britain to completely offset your iWrap purchases.

For more information on our Plastic Saving Programme, and everything we are doing to support sustainability for our customers, visit our Sustainability page by clicking the button below.

Our sustainability commitments