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Using iWrap’s pallet wrap solutions, we guarantee to reduce your plastic waste by at least 40% and your costs by up to 25%.

It all starts with choosing the right pallet wrap machine – and our team at Acopia can help with that too.

We offer two types of pallet wrapping machine to suit your operation.

Looking for in-line machines?

Through our machine partnership network, we can also supply in-line pallet wrapping machines. Get in touch to discuss your needs with us.

Choosing the right stretch film

All our turntable and robot machines use iWrap’s high-performance stretch film. Available in ‘standard’ or ‘super’ rolls, depending on the film carriage of the machine.

Of course, we can help you choose the best film for your machine. Or you can check for yourself below.

We also offer a manual system that applies wrap the way a machine does, and is 40% faster than hand wrapping. Our manual system uses its own exclusive stretch wrap.

What else to look for

Different machines use different types of film carriage. The carriage is where you load the film and it’s what helps apply the stretch. Here’s how the three types of carriage work.

Want to know more?

For more information, download our complete guide to pallet wrap machines.

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iWrap pallet wrapping machines

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Once we’re on site with you, we can continue to work with you to streamline and tailor your pallet wrapping operation. We guarantee to reduce your plastic use by at least 40% and your wrapped pallet costs by up to 25%.