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Our services

Optimise your pallet
wrapping operation

iWrap is a specialist provider of pallet wrap machinery installation, maintenance and support services.

Our experienced experts provide the installation, monitoring and maintenance to keep your operation running safely and efficiently.

Installation and configuration

When installing new machinery, we’ll work with you and the manufacturer to make sure things run smoothly. And with as little disruption to your operation as possible.

From the outset, we do all we can to deliver a solution that’s fully planned and documented, and safely and successfully implemented.


Our comprehensive range of pallet wrap machinery installation services includes:

  • Machinery removal, relocation, installation and configuration.
  • New machinery and equipment installation and configuration.
  • Proactive machinery maintenance and repair.
  • Full project management by our experienced team.
  • Complete turnkey, multi-disciplined managed services (iWrap-as-a-service).
  • Full survey of your existing installation

    Full survey of your existing installation

    Includes taking levels and checking alignment
    where necessary.
  • Decommissioning end-of-life equipment

    Decommissioning end-of-life equipment

    Including the complete removal of your
    old machinery.
  • Machinery relocation

    Machinery relocation

    We’ll load, transport, unload and re-position and of your old equipment that needs to be relocated.
  • Re-assembly


    Including the lining, levelling and installation of new pallet wrap services runs.
  • New machinery installations

    New machinery installations

    We collaborate with manufacturers and vendors as required, so you don’t have to.

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cost reduction

For more information on how iWrap Managed Services work, and an idea of costs, get in touch to arrange your free onsite audit.

Proactive maintenance

Don’t wait for breakdowns to happen. Proactive servicing and maintenance is the best way to keep your machinery and equipment running optimally.

From annual servicing contracts to weekly maintenance programmes, we take a flexible approach to suit you. So you’ll always get the best possible service from our dedicated and experienced engineers.


Reliable machinery maintenance services

We offer comprehensive maintenance services tailored to all factory types and requirements. Our professional team will survey your facility to determine the extent and frequency of maintenance you need. Then propose a reliable servicing package designed around you.

  • Industrial pallet wrap machinery maintenance and repair work.
  • One-time repairs and regular servicing contracts provided.
  • Component replacements and repair work.

If manufacturer maintenance schedules are unavailable, we can work with you to develop a bespoke maintenance plan.

Proactive monitoring and break fix management

What if you could fix things before they’re broken? That’s the beauty of having iWrap proactively monitor and manage your pallet wrap operation.

Using remote sensor technology, we can connect all your hardware to our Customer Support Centre via the cloud. This allows our specialists to provide real-time support to machine operators.

With our proactive monitoring in place, we can spot and fix potential problems before you even know there’s anything wrong. Limiting on-site interventions, or avoiding them altogether. So your operation keeps running at high capacity – and you don’t need to worry about downtime.

  • A true 24/7/365 service

    A true 24/7/365 service

    Real-time performance analytics keep your systems fully optimised year round.
  • Multi-level support

    Multi-level support

    An efficient, effective service, with escalation where needed to deliver incident resolution expertise.
  • Proactive maintenance

    Proactive maintenance

    To identify problems before they happen.
  • Automated alerts

    Automated alerts

    Including ticket generation
  • Cloud-based service

    Cloud-based service

    With a simple desktop platform for easy incident reporting and tracking.

Keep one step ahead

The latest monitoring technology helps us help your pallet wrapping operation. Our experienced specialists use proven processes to optimise performance management and fault resolution.

You can trust our talented team to understand your business. And we’re always looking for opportunities to help you work smarter and operate safer.

More productive. More reliable. More profit.

We know it’s vital to keep your pallet wrapping operation moving. That’s why we don’t wait for things to go wrong before we fix them.

Most of the time, we don’t even need to be there – we can fix things remotely, without bothering you. But when you need us, we’ll be with you as soon as we can.

With our support, you can rest easy knowing there’s a central point for monitoring across your entire operation. While you’re busy making your business a success, we’re behind the scenes keeping your pallet wrapping systems working. Saving you time and money, while cutting your plastic waste.


Here’s what you’ll get from our proactive monitoring service.

  • Operational cost savings and performance improvements.
  • Potential disasters avoided, preventing interruptions to pallet wrap operations and performance.
  • Guaranteed uptime and maximised productivity.
  • Continuous monitoring of plastic consumption and plastic waste.
  • Pallet stabilisation and security of your loads.
  • Minimised downtime and operational impact.
  • Faster fault resolutions for technical and operational issues.
  • Reduction of – and greater understanding of – your TCO (total cost of ownership).

You’re in safe hands with iWrap

We regularly review your systems, and our processes, to make sure we meet the performance standards you expect.

Understand how to make the most of your resources, or how to take your operation to the next level.