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Grip Film® Pallet Stretch Wrap

High performance,
pre-stretched pallet wrap

Wrapping pallets by hand?

iWrap’s Grip Film® system is the eco-friendly, safe and cost-effective way to wrap pallets right every time. And with our ergonomic applicator, it’s quick and easy too.

Faster, cheaper
hand wrapping

If your pallet operation is spread over a large area with separate teams picking and building orders ready for despatch, hand wrapping is your best option. But could you be doing it faster, safer and cheaper? You can with Grip Film®.


Why use Grip Film®?

  • Better health and safety – fewer trip and RSI injuries
  • Improved operations – more load stability and faster palletising
  • Enhanced procurement – 40% savings on ever
  • Easier to use – simpler, safer and faster for warehouse staff
  • Lower wrapping costs
  • Less plastic waste
  • Fewer punctures
  • Superfast roll changes
  • Longer length roll
  • Lightweight, ergonomic dispenser with skid pad

Grip Film® product range

Minimise your carbon footprint with high-yield, lightweight and sustainable solutions.


Grip Film® is pre-stretched to its maximum elasticity, converting a high yield film to a reduced-thickness performance solution.

This equates to much less plastic needed per wrap, resulting in not only cost savings but huge waste savings.

Pre-stretched films perform extremely well in all climates. Grip Film® is safe to use in ambient, chilled and cold store environments.

Increase efficiency. Reduce costs.

Talk to our experts today about transforming the way you wrap by hand.

Grip Film® is used globally to reduce clients’ carbon footprints, with a reduced consumption of up to 50% material due to increased yield per roll.