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Reusable Pallet Bands

Reusable pallet wrap options
to secure your loads

The safe, efficient and sustainable way to stabilise pallets

Keep stock storage and movement secure and accessible with a single pallet band

If you’re looking to eliminate plastic entirely from your pallet wrap operation, iWrap Reusable Pallet Bands provide a complete solution to quickly and efficiently secure your pallets.

Made from natural rubber and reusable hundreds of times, a single iWrap Pallet Band can provide on-going product protection and pallet stabilisation for up to 5 years.

Why use iWrap Pallet Bands?

  • Packaging Waste Reduction – made from natural rubber which can be used hundreds of times
  • Plastic Elimination – plastic pallet wrap can be removed from your operation
  • Cost Effective – no expensive equipment required for application
  • Sustainable Packaging – the reusable and recyclable alternative to pallet wrap
  • Time Savings – applied in seconds with no training required – easy on, and off
  • Health & Safety Benefits – reduces the risk of injury during application
  • Load Stability – palletise and secure with the right pallet band for your loads and products
  • Faster Throughput – perfect for food preparation, facilitating fast cooling times
  • Flexibility – choose the size and strength to best suit your applications
  • Return on Investment – typically achieve payback in just 12 uses

Perfect for stock storage and movement between multiple sites and closed loop distribution networks

Test out a Reusable Pallet Band NOW!

iWrap Reusable Pallet Bands will help you reach your sustainability goals and reduce your plastic consumption…try a sample for yourself.

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Which iWrap Pallet Band is right for you?

Whatever the weight or load, there is a perfect pallet band to suit your storage, despatch and transit requirements.

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How to Apply your Pallet Band

What else do I need to know? Our Reusable Pallet Bands FAQ’s

Pallet bands are available to withstand more demanding environments including freezer conditions.

Pallet bands can be applied in as little as 10 seconds.

Pallet bands are resistant to UV.

Are you ready to reduce the plastic usage in your warehouse?

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