Our pallet wrap and
pallet wrap machine combinations can support a variety of business sectors and functions.

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Pallet Wrapping Solutions

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Household names like Asda and IKEA rely on our intelligent pallet wrap to safely reduce their plastic waste and costs.

iWrap supports businesses like yours. Whatever you’re wrapping, iWrap has the right machine and film combination for you.

Our pallet wrap and pallet wrap machine combinations can support a variety of business sectors and functions.

  • Mail order and ecommerce
  • Packing, distribution and logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Merchants
  • Food and beverage
  • Sustainability functions
  • Health and safety functions

Unlock savings of at least 25%

In the world of packing and distribution, it’s easy to take pallet wrap for granted. But not all pallet wrap is created equal.

Using iWrap’s high-performance stretch film will save you at least 25% on the cost of your pallet wrap. And help eliminate these common pallet wrap failures.

  • Pallet wrap breakages
  • Production line downtime
  • Using more wrap than you need
  • Re-wrapping of pallets
  • Poorly wrapped and unstable pallets
  • Refused and damaged deliveries

Bottling success

In a recent audit we carried out for a large bottled water company, we identified that they were using 69% more pallet wrap each month than they needed to.

We also assessed the number of pallets wrapped per tonne and discovered they were wrapping 45% fewer pallets than they could have been.

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Big savings for big retail brands

Too often, organisations see change as nothing more than a headache they could do without. They worry it affects too many people, and can impact supply chains and delivery schedules.

But one simple change to using iWrap’s high-performance pallet wrap has helped big brands like IKEA and Asda achieve significant efficiencies with minimal or no disruption to operations.

40 % On average, businesses we work with save 25% on pallet wrap costs and at least 40% on plastic waste – often a lot more.

Supporting sustainability

Just 2.5 tons of pallet wrap is enough to fill a double decker bus. The UK alone uses over 150,000 tons of pallet wrap each year.

We all need to do more with less. And switching to iWrap’s high-performance pallet wrap can make a real difference.

Wrapping a standard pallet uses around 350 grams of regular pallet wrap. But with iWrap, that figure drops to just 98 grams – with no loss of stability.

On average, businesses save more than 40% on plastic pallet wrap with iWrap. It’s a simple but significant step you can take to reduce your carbon footprint and cut costs.

Safety first

Pallet wrap failure can touch every area of your business, including putting your own people at risk.

Each year in the UK, 10 million pallets are damaged during transport. And unstable loads cause more than 20,000 road accidents. So how can you cut plastic waste and still make pallets safer?

iWrap’s high-performance pallet wrap is pre-stretched through the machine, so movement is contained and there’s no loss of stability. We can even test this containment force to reassure you that your products are completely safe. This Pallet Wrap Audit can also reveal failings with your existing pallet wrap and help you adopt safer, more efficient practices.

As part of our commitment to advancing safety when transporting goods, Acopia is a member of the European Safe Logistics Association.

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60 % Of businesses reported a rise in packaging costs in the wake of the new tax.

2022 saw the introduction of the Plastic Packaging Tax in the UK.

This green initiative encourages the use of recycled rather than new plastic within plastic packaging. For many businesses, this starts with the plastic used in transporting goods.

iWrap can help you achieve your sustainability goals and save you money.

Make the right sustainability choices

From making sense of the Plastic Packaging Tax to understanding the eco-friendly alternatives available, we can help your business.

Find out more about the Plastic Packaging Tax in our free eGuide.