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FREE Plastic Packaging Audit

Discover how to reduce your tax liability and plastic consumption

It’s estimated that 20,000 producers and importers are going to be affected by the Plastic Packaging Tax.

From 1st April 2022, the new tax introduced aimed at encouraging the use of recycled plastics to reduce our plastic waste. With 79% of the plastic ever produced still present in the environment – the answer lies in using less plastic altogether.

Your first step in understanding how to reduce your organisation’s plastic consumption and tax liability is to understand your present usage.

Take a step towards reducing
your plastic

We can evaluate your existing set-up and processes to discover your current plastic packaging usage and provide you with a report with recommendations that includes opportunities to reduce waste, costs and your current plastic use.


Our free plastic packaging audit provides:

  • Overview of your current processes
  • Calculation of your current plastic use
  • Like for like comparison with a recommended stretch film product
  • Report on your tax liability with your existing product compared to a recommended one

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We can help you make the best sustainable packaging and process choices that are right for your individual business.

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