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Pallet covers and hoods

Add an extra layer of protection against dust, dirt, and the elements.

Perfect for long-term storage in the food and beverage, warehouse and logistics, retail or horticultural sectors.

We offer hoods and covers in a range of thicknesses and colours. And in standard sizes, or bespoke to fit your needs.

All our hoods and covers are reusable, and recycled – made from at least 30% recycled materials, with 100% options available. Making your operation more eco-friendly, and avoiding Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) costs.

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The only parcel tape made from 100% recycled plastic*.


*As of January 2023. 

Why choose iTack?
  • High performance – meets the same rigorous standards for strength and durability
  • Wide range available – Choose from buff, clear or printed ‘FRAGILE’; different core sizes; or our machine tape.
  • Competitive pricing
  • Freezer/cold storage adherence
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Options for custom branding
100 % Recycled and recyclable

Try iTack in your warehouse

Engineered to help you reduce your plastic use, cut plastic waste, and reach your sustainability goals.

Explore our innovative, eco-friendly parcel tape range that offers excellent adherence and performance at extremely competitive prices.

Boxes and tape

Choosing the right cardboard box means lower costs, improved protection, more shipping success, and better customer experience. We make it easier for you to find that right choice.

Our range includes double- and single-wall cardboard boxes, specialist and die-cut boxes, postal and ecommerce mailers, and crash lock base boxes.

eCommerce packaging

Use our NEST range of eco-friendly eCommerce packaging to reduce your carbon footprint.

Every mailer, box, carton, voidfill and wrapping is fully recyclable.

The range also uses as much recycled content as possible, with most products made in the UK or Europe. Including one of the most sustainable void fill products on the market.

Make sustainable packaging
part and parcel of your
eCommerce operation

Every single one of these products has been carefully chosen for its green credentials – and to meet the demands of eCommerce customers.

Fast assembly. Space saving. Easy and secure closing. Quick opening with ‘returnability’. There’s a sustainable NEST alternative for every element of your packaging, right down to the paper tape and paper document wallets.

Going green and delighting customers has never been so easy
or economical.
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Looking to step your protective packaging up a gear?

Automate and speed up your dispatch activities with our packaging machinery. From a choice of paper and film voidfill, to machines that can create protective packaging from your own waste paper and cardboard.

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