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Pallet wrapping hardware

Transform your pallet operation with
the right hardware

If your current wrapping machine is more than five years old, you could be using 50% more pallet wrap than you need to.

We can help you find the right pallet wrapping machine for your operation – and cut your plastic use in half.

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Why invest in a new pallet wrap machine?

Is your existing pallet wrap machine still doing the job? Even so, it may be time to consider investing in the latest technology – and all the benefits that come with it.

If your machine is more than five years old and wrap – or plan to wrap – over 40 pallets a day, user-friendly new technology can help you do it faster and cheaper.

As well as saving customers the cost of throwing so much away, the plastic savings you’ll make could quickly offset the cost of your new machine.

Cut your plastic use by at least 40% by switching to iWrap.

Do you need brake stretch or
power stretch film?

Choosing the right pallet wrap film is as important as choosing the right pallet wrapping machine.


How can you tell?

The best way to check whether you have a pallet stretch or a brake stretch machine is to check the carriage. Our short video walks you through what you need to look for.

We’ve also put together a handy eGuide.

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How much does a new pallet wrap machine cost?

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Discuss everything you need to know about investing in a new machine. From how much new technology might cost, to the savings you could make.