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How safe and sustainable is your pallet wrapping operation?

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With a range of on-site audits available, our expert team works with you to see where you can make your operation safer, more efficient, and more sustainable.

Plastic reduction audit

Six out of ten businesses have seen packaging costs rise due to the Plastic Packaging Tax.

The Plastic Packaging Tax aims to encourage UK businesses to use more recycled plastics and reduce plastic waste. But what does it mean for you?

Our plastic reduction audit not only helps you understand your tax liability, but also your plastic consumption.

Our free plastic reduction audit gives you:

  • Complete overview of your current processes.
  • Calculation of your current plastic use.
  • Like-for-like comparison with a recommended stretch film product.
  • Report on your tax liability, comparing your existing product to a recommended one.

To learn more about what a plastic reduction audit can do for you, read our blog post . Or sign up for your free plastic reduction audit below.

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We’re serious about sustainability

Find out more about how we’re making iWrap more eco-friendly on our Sustainability page.

Load stability audit

Every year in the UK, 10 million pallets are damaged in transit.

At best, a damaged pallet means a failed delivery. At worst, pallet wrap failure can impact centre of gravity, causing the delivery vehicle to lose control – resulting in potential injury. And it’s not just on the roads that pallets can suffer damage. Taller loads, warehouse accidents, and even using a forklift can lead to instability and pallet wrap failure when using standard pallet wrap.

To determine the stability of your pallets, our load stability audit takes measurements from the top, middle and bottom of a loaded pallet. From this, we calculate the ‘containment force’.

The pallet wrap you use and the way you wrap your pallets can improve containment force – making your operation safer. And significantly boosting your profits.

You can rely on iWrap for:

  • Elimination of pallet wrap failure health and safety incidents.
  • Peace of mind for your teams’ safety loading and transporting pallets.
  • 40% reduction in the amount of film needed.
  • 25% reduction in pallet wrap costs.
  • Successful deliveries of undamaged goods and improved customer satisfaction.
  • Elimination of wasted time and financial loss due to product recall and resupply.

See how iWrap can make your loads stable, safe and secure.

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Safer working audit

Using high performance pallet wrap minimises risks, keeping everyone safe.

How safe is your pallet wrap? And how could using less plastic on pallets make them safer and more stable?

As part of our commitment to advancing safety when transporting goods, iWrap is a member of the European Safe Logistics Association.

iWrap high-performance pallet wrap is pre-stretched through the machine to its lockout position. This means, when a load is subjected to external pressure, movement is contained and there’s no loss of stability.

We want to help minimise any potential health and safety hazard in the warehouse.

20000 Accidents on UK roads each year caused by unstable loads

Complete reassurance guaranteed

Our free safer working audit tests and analyses this containment force, giving you complete reassurance that your teams, and your products, are completely safe.

Signing up for your free safer working audit will reveal any failings with the pallet wrap you’re using, and help you apply safer and more efficient practices.