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The iWrap Range of Reusable Pallet Wrap

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How to be more sustainable when wrapping, storing and transporting pallets.

Reusable pallet wrap products have emerged as game-changers when it comes to reliable, cost effective and sustainable pallet management and stock movement. Innovative materials and products are helping to mitigate plastic use, speed up through-put and de-carbon this function of manufacture and logistics.

Why reusable pallet wrap?

It may not always be possible to completely remove plastic from your pallet operation due to the nature and constraints of the products you’re shipping. Where there is no reasonable alternative, we recommend a high performance stretch wrap which will allow you to achieve best practice with every pallet wrapped, using the least amount of plastic possible with no loss or compromise of load stability.

But where there is scope to integrate more eco-friendly pallet wrap products into your processes, you will be able to switch on savings throughout the production line and beyond.

It is time to take a closer look at the functionality and benefits behind two sustainable pallet wrapping solutions, and examine how they both deliver on environmental and financial savings as well as operational performance.

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Whether you would like to try our reusable wraps, covers or a high performance film, our products will help you reach your sustainability goals and reduce your plastic consumption.

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Reusable Pallet Jackets

Securely wrap pallets in seconds without plastic.

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Reusable Pallet Bands

Secur your loads with iWrap Reusable Pallet Bands

Smart pallet bands that pay for themselves instantly.

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