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Reusable Pallet Wrappers

How to stop using pallet wrap in your warehouse

Looking for an ecofriendly alternative to plastic stretch wrap? We’re here to help you eliminate single use plastic from your warehouse storage and  logistics operations.

Pallet wrap can be recycled, but in reality this does not always happen and not disposed of responsibly.

Our iWrap reusable pallet wraps and covers are the perfect alternative when it comes to reducing your environmental impact without compromising on load stability and performance.

What are the benefits of using iWrap reusable pallet wraps?

Re-usable Pallet Wraps and Covers

  • Use 1000+ times
  • No waste
  • Conserves natural resources
  • Less than 30 seconds to wrap a pallet
  • No Plastic Packaging Tax costs
  • One off costs
  • In-frequent ordering
  • Minimal training required
  • No pallet wrap machine required

Try iWrap in your warehouse

Whether you would like to try our reusable wraps, covers or a high performance film, our products will help you reach your sustainability goals and reduce your plastic consumption.

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Find out more about our Reusable Pallet Wrap Jackets and watch how to apply them and secure your goods.

Supply your suppliers

When it comes to the other end of the supply chain – why not provide your regular suppliers with your wraps and covers?

This means no longer having to deal with the waste pallet wrap on their deliveries to you and your wraps and covers can then be re-used once back in your warehouse.

This has a significant impact on reducing your carbon footprint throughout your supply chain and your Scope 3 number.

Other benefits of our reusable pallet wraps and covers

Opportunities for customisation are minimal when using stretch wrap.

It’s easy to brand our iWrap pallet wraps and covers, for ease of product identification in your warehouse, to increasing and enhancing your brand visibility in transit.

And there is the added bonus that if you do need to continue to use stretch wrap in your storage and logistics process due to your inventory or your own customer requirements, you’ll be able to use less as our wraps are also designed to work with wrapped pallets – providing additional load stability and protection where it’s needed.

Can you use iWrap resusable iWrap pallet wraps and covers in your warehouse?

To find out more about our reusable wraps and covers, complete the form below to arrange a quick demonstration and free trial!

Reduce waste with iWrap reusable pallet wraps and covers

Our sustainable pallet wraps and covers are an extremely cost effective alternative to single-use plastic stretch wrap.

Designed to secure and protect loads during shipping and storage, they also significantly reduce your carbon footprint

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