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iWrap 309 30% PLUS Recycled Content

iWrap 309 30% PLUS Recycled Content

Pre-Stretched Hand Film


The iWrap 309 hand wrap is made with eco-friendly 30% PLUS Recycled Content.

Colour(s) available: Clear

Available extended core.

Embrace intelligent packaging that prioritises both safety and environmental responsibility.

Size 9µm x 400mm x 300m

Download the spec sheet

Get all the iWrap 309 Pre-Stretched Hand Film information on our useful specification sheet.

The 300 series benefits

Our high-performance hand wrap is pre-stretched, so you use less plastic without sacrificing load stability.

Not only that, both our Grip Film or Extended Core  options come with even more sustainability and cost-cutting benefits.

  • Carbon neutral – we completely offset your pallet wrap use through our partnership with Carbon Neutral Britain.
  • Even, consistent wrapping with unrivalled load stability.
  • Use with the Applicator or Extended Core for faster, safer and easier application.
  • iWrap 300 Series film is available in 3 thicknesses. Number denotes thickness in microns (µm).
0% recycled content – eliminates your Plastic Packaging Tax associated costs.
0% Use 40%+ less plastic on every pallet.
0% Reduce your hand wrap spend by at least 25%.
0 Different film thicknesses available in the iWrap 300 Series

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